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Atelier Decoster - Couverture de passeport #50 de luxe faite main et cousue main sur mesure en Belgique en cuir de crocodile du Nil bleu électrique.

Concerned about the origin of the skins in which each handmade wallet, handmade watch strap, handmade key ring... is made, our workshop is supplied by the most luxurious tanneries and the largest French leather distributors. For the creation of each item, we select and offer you leathers from: Baranil smooth calfskin, Epsom grained calfskin, Buttero cowhide, goatskin, salmon, alligator, crocodile, ostrich, Java lizard, python, stingray.

The MEISI Super Fine we use is a natural product of high quality. The cabling increases the resistance of the thread and ensures an exceptional finish to the products of our workshop. All our seams are made by hand with this wonderful thread.

Atelier Decoster - Portefeuilles de luxe en cuir faits main et cousus main, bracelets de montres en cuir faits main et cousus main, porte-clés en cuir faits main et cousus main au fil de lin Meisi Super Fine.
Peinture des bords manuelle Atelier Decoster

The italian edge paint we are using is one of the best edge paints with great penetration and adhesion, durability and flexibility. It is applied by hand in several layers until a smooth edge is obtained.

With the desire to create luxury products fully customizable, our workshop calls on the prestigious Maison Alivon founded in 1812 for the manufacture of hot stamping tools in bronze. Thus, everyone can personalize their wallet, their watch strap, their key ring... by engraving their initials.

Personnalisation, marquage à chaud des initiales à l'or véritable 22 carats
Boucle ardillon silver Atelier Decoster

Our Decoster pin buckles are available in: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 24mm and in the finishes: silver, brushed silver, gold, rose gold and matte black.

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